Papers & Tools

Group Jazz works from many years of experience designing and facilitating high engagement meetings and processes in person and across distances. We hope youíll find some of these articles and tools helpful. All files are in pdf format.

Complexity, Leadership & Organizations

Coaching as a Complex System

Emergence in Action: Reflecting on Our Practice Through the Lens of Complexity

The Leadership "Sweet Spot"

Maximizing Facilitation Skills Using Principles of Complexity Science

Practicing OD in Complex Systems

The Systems Consciousness of Senior Executives

A "Both/And" Kind of Dialogue: An Interview with Lisa Kimball and Scott Kelso

Liberating Structures

Changing the Organization One Conversation at a Time

Group Jazz: Changing the Conversation

Liberating Structures: A New Pattern Language for Engagement

Liberating Structures Presentation and Notes

An Inside Job: Best Practices From Within

Designing with Liberating Structures

Looking Forward: An Interview with Seth Kahan and Lisa Kimball

Liberating Structures 2002

Liberating Structures MetaSystems Design Group (Lisa Kimball and Frank Burns) 1996

Working Virtually

Making it WORK: Supporting work groups

Building Virtual Communities: IBM Case Study

The Virtual Team: Strategies to Optimize Performance

How Online Social Networks Benefit Organizations

Managing Virtual Teams

Managing Distance Learning: New Challenges for Faculty

The Virtual Team: Strategies to Optimize Performance

Open Space in Cyberspace

Tools for Working Virtually

Choosing Media for Team Communication

Ten Key Elements for Team Leaders to Manage

Developing the Teamís Communications Strategy

Team Effectiveness Strategies

Team Leader Toolkit: Boundaryless Facilitation

Team Leader Toolkit: Email

Team Leader Toolkit: Interview Guide

Team Leader Toolkit: Video Conferencing


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