About Group Jazz

"I work globally, and whenever I want to create a conference that is really innovative, or if I have one that is amazing challenging, I call on Lisa. She is gifted in her ability to grasp the complexities and develop creative, grounded and powerful designs which have produced resounding outcomes for my clients. I would be adrift in the chaos of conference design without Lisa's range of experience and knowledge. She is definitely the ultimate "go to" collaborator for me, and we have fun to boot!"

Bill Zyback
Chair, 2012 Flourish! Beyond Organisational Effectiveness, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Lisa Kimball's insight, skill, and expertise in organizational development, design, and facilitation has been invaluable in the launching, success, and on-going support of the United States Partnership for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (www.uspartnership.org). The Partnership is America's response to the United Nations-led international decade of education for sustainable development.

Her support and empowering guidance has helped advance the Partnership from the closely-held vision of a few individuals to a national movement of more than 120 public, private, government, and non-profit partner organziations - focused on measurable results. As a continuing resource to the Partnership and it's executive team, Lisa challenges them to action while providing tools for organizational success, a formula for success."

Steve Cochran
Steward, US Partnership for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

"Learning at many Plexus Institute workshops has benefited from Lisa Kimball's creative design skills and gentle, sophisticated facilitation. She brings a wide variety of processes that help people engage and work together in new and effective ways. And her sparkling spontaneity enriches conversations. Participants often say, "This is the best meeting I've attended since I can remember." More "good stuff" happens when Lisa is involved."

Curt Lindberg
Executive Director, The Plexus Institute

"The Jazziest Team Ever:
Thank you so much for the tremendous work that you put into the TLC Virtual Forum 2004. I know that you did your job well and went beyond the call of duty. At our Center, we have the privilege of serving community and faith-based heroes who heal communities one life at a time. Thank you so much for your compassion, creativity and service and for contributing tremendously to those community heroes from around the country! Thank you also, Group Jazz, for helping us move DOL into using 21st Century technology! I look forward to working with you in the future."

Erica Sager
Associate Director for Outreach
Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
U.S. Department of Labor

"Lisa Kimball is without any reservation one of the most gifted, natural, grounded facilitators I've ever seen, which is why I asked her to facilitate my father's memorial. She has an almost supernatural ability to feel the energy of a group. Then, she has a wide range of techniques in her talent kit and knows just which ones to use to create the outcome the group is looking for. With my father's memorial, people commented afterwards that they had never been to such a moving event. When I asked Lisa to facilitate, I told her my vision and then told her to run with it. That's what she did and better than I could have imagined. The group left receiving what they needed and that's Lisa's trademark. She gives everyone in the group a role and then she finds a way to support their ability to play the role so they feel their contribution is just perfect. Her faciliation is effortless, such that the group and Lisa co-create magic."

Lynne Feingold
Organizational and Creativity Consultant
Washington, DC

"Lisa Kimball and Group Jazz are peerless when it comes to facilitating high quality interaction at a distance. In the wake of 9/11 team travel was restricted yet we were at an important phase of a mission critical project. Lisa helped us design and implement our first non-collocated launch meeting (including members from multiple locations in the US and Europe). The meeting was cited by some as the best launch meeting they've had. Not only was the distance not an obstacle, it actually contributed positively by providing time for reflection and fine-tuning during the meeting process. We think of Lisa as a valuable resource in this field and continue look to her for insights and experience."

Robert Kath
Director, Knowledge Management
Worldwide Organizational Effectiveness & Consulting Services
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group


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